Project Brief
Design a cohesive campaign for Sacramento's LAUNCH Festival. Must include a poster, post card, website & mobile, event schedule and extra promotional items as needed.
After researching the audience of past events, I saw that a wide range of people attended this festival. By using simple illustration, pattern and playful layouts, I was able to create a design that appeals to both young children and middle aged adults. I wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere that represented the two contrasting events of Music and Fashion, which are portrayed by different illustrations and color palettes. The use of illustration gave me a large selection of graphic elements to work with over the entire system.
Poster - 16" x 20" Front and Back / Postcard - 4" x 6" / Schedule - 3 panel trifold - 4.5" x 18" / VIP Passes - 4.5" x 6"

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