Steve was raised in the small rural town of Pilot Hill, California. Growing up he always made the best of what he had, and quickly developed an appreciation for the simpler things in life. Graduating high school with a background in design drafting Steve stumbled upon the vast world of design and worked his way through college as a bicycle mechanic and local LED manufacture's design assistant. He's technical in nature and is never scared of a little bit of hard work.
Steve lives with his lovely wife (Katie) and son (Solomon) in Sacramento and works as Design Team Leader at an industry leading industrial automation company Inductive Automation. For over 7 years he has grown with the company and in that time his expertise has touched almost every aspect of the organization on projects including brand identity, brand management and growth, print design, product design, user interface design, user experience design, wayfinding, conference design, and more. He currently leads a team of two other highly skilled designers who together create beautiful and effective visual communication for the company and its customers.
Some of Steve's other pleasures include architecture and wood working. Someday these fascinations will hopefully lead him to building a home for his family to grow in.

To see more of Steve's most recent design explorations and follow along with his greasy life, check out his dribbble or instagram pages.

Want to chat about modern cabins, typography, chicken nuggets, or even a project you'd like to work on together? Email Steve at

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