As a group of 4, research, gather, analyze, and develop content to create a magazine that serves as a touchstone for Sacramento culture. The goal of this project is to capture the local growth of the community for the past 10-15 years, including the cities art, music, food, and culture. From the research conducted and content developed we were able to develop a direction for our magazine that would resonate with the intended audience, the creative class.
After gathering information and content as a group, each person designed their own magazine. I designed my magazine with the keywords; Sophisticated, Innovative, Positive and Fresh. With the use of black and white imagery, pops of bright color that highlight each article and clean typography, I was able to achieve the design intended. I chose to make each story have its own personality, while still maintaining a system throughout the entire magazine. I created a flap for the front cover to give the magazine a more interactive and innovative feel.

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