Project Brief:
Create a logo for Braziel Photographics and any additional collateral needed.
Braziel Photographics is owned by a very upbeat, friendly and fun photographer. She came to me asking for a logo for her that would work on a website, business card and watermark. I created a custom "B" to use alone, along with a very simple, clean and fun illustration of a camera that would be her main Logo. Variations were made to include her company name.
Early variations using a hand drawn vintage camera. We decided that this wasn't a strong direction because the logo made her seem like a photographer who uses vintage equiptment, when she does not.
More early variations of the logo. I liked these, but they lacked the personality of Sam that I wanted to achieve.
Chosen direction from Sam before we decided to change to the playful camera logo below. I liked this choice, but I think the final decision solved the problem more effectively.
Final "B" custom type for the logo.
Final logo chosen for the client.
Final logo variation with type included.
Logo placed on imagery as a watermark.

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