Project Brief
Create a set of three postcards based on a famous play using only photographs of paper. The imagery must be representative of multiple themes of the play and work well as a system.
The imagery produced for the backgrounds of the cards are both elegant, mystical and soft. They help reinforce the themes of the play that deal with rhythm, suspense, and struggle. Each image started off as a photograph of different kinds of paper captured by using light to create form. This approach to generating the artwork was very hands on and gave a different perspective to a design problem because you couldn't quite imagine what the image would look like in your head, it was more about experimenting with lots of different papers, light sources and angles. The typography and graphical line elements are representational of deconstructed musical staff and are faded into the background to create a mysterious undertones and harmonious connection with the rest of the composition.
3 - 4" x 6" Double Sided Postcards / 4 Color Front, 2 Color Back

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